Meeting Minutes
  20 January 2018

Chapter Officers
President: Jim Windolph 541 771-4922
V-President: Rodger Devore 541 639-7145
Secretary: Ray Rose 541 390-2877
Treasurer: Tim Wilson 541 771-6927
Sgt. at Arms: Ernie Stockton 541 693-4476
Safety Officer: Jacques DeKalb 541 390-1109
Chaplain: Kinne Callaway 541 508-6039
Sr. Road Captain: Jim DeSully 541 350-6123
Road Captain: Ron Miller 541 647-0667
Road Captain: Open
Quartermaster: Open


Ernie Stockton, Sgt. at Arms called the meeting to order at 0905 at the Northside Bar and Grill, Bend Oregon.
Jim Windolph led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Moment of Silence for those who have fallen and those
who are still in harm’s way.

Officer Roll Call: Present were Jim Windolph (President), Rodger DeVore (VP), Ray Rose (Secretary), Ernie
Stockton (Sgt at Arms), Jacques DeKalb (Safety Officer), and Ron Miller (Road Captain). Tim Wilson
(Treasurer) was excused.
Guests: None
Minutes: Bill Kenyon motioned and Dusty seconded that the minutes were approved as written. There was no
New Members: Jerry Hollis, USN
Treasurers Report: The Bills are paid and there is money in the bank. Come to a meeting for more details.
VP Report: None
Safety Report: Jacques advised that even though it has been unseasonably warm, we should stay off the ice.
State Report: Robie reported that Bill Jones has been elected as State VP. Susan Moretz has been elected as
State Secretary. They are Still looking for a Quartermaster. A motion to donate COVR $1000 to assist with
their Mortgage has been introduced, and will be voted on at the next meeting. HDE has been appointed to host
the State Banquet. It will be the 2nd Sat in April. Neil Wilson is trying to get the Redmond VFW. The next
meeting will be 2nd Sat in February, at the Albany VFW.
Central Oregon Veterans Council Report: Steve Wilkes gave a detailed report of their activities. No action
was taken by this body.


Grocery Gift Cards: Steve Wilkes gave a detailed report. All cards went to distressed Vets.
Christmas Party: Valanne has begun planning this year’s Christmas Party. She has secured Saturday, Dec
15th at the Redmond VFW. Even though Tate and Tate put on a great meal for us last year, the plan is to have
the Redmond VFW Auxiliary cater this year.


Robie’s Anniversary: Valanne noted that Robie recently celebrated 30 years of sobriety by having a party at
the Northside. A round of applause was offered in congratulations.
Bike Show in Redmond: Jacques advised that the 10th Annual Spring Fling Car and Bike in Redmond will be
April 21st. He suggested we put up a booth and bring out our bikes so he’d have some competition.


Run to the Wall: Robie advised that this year is the 30th anniversary of the Run to The Wall, and he’d like to
get a few more members to join him and John Ferguson. He asked that anybody interested contact him after the
50/50 raffle: Neil Wilson won $45, which he donated back.
Breakfast: $100 was raised for breakfast
Meeting Adjourned: Ron made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 0945 and Dusty seconded.
Minutes submitted by: Ray Rose, HDE Secretary

Event Calendar:
Redmond Bike Show- April 21
Mothers Day Run – May 12
Memorial Weekend Campout – May 25-27, Bowman Dam
Rodehouse poker run – June 2nd
Mitchell Campout (Tiger Town?) – June 22-24
Fort Rock (Campout?, Dinner Tree?) – July 27-29
Tuff Butt Classic – August 10-12
Lighthouse Run – August mid- late
9-11 Event – September 6-8
Winter Campout – November 1-3 – Bowman Dam
Christmas Party – December 15 – Redmond VFW