Meeting Minutes
  15 December 2018

Chapter Officers
President: Jim Windolph 541 771-4922
V-President: Rick Dylla 541 306-1864
Secretary: Ray Rose 541 390-2877
Treasurer: Jerry Hollis 541 815-3383
Sgt. at Arms: Ernie Stockton 541 693-4476
Safety Officer: Rodger DeVore 541 693-7145
Chaplain: Kinne Callaway 541 508-6039
Sr. Road Captain: Jim DeSully 541 350-6123
Road Captain: Open
Road Captain: Open
Quartermaster: Bill Kenyon 541 350-2862


Robie called the meeting to order at 0900 at the Northside Bar and Grill, Bend Oregon.

Jim Windolph led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Moment of Silence for those who have fallen and those
who are still in harm’s way.

Officer Roll Call: Present were Jim Windolph (President), Rick Dylla (VP), Ray Rose (Secretary), Jerry Hollis (Treasurer), and Bill Kenyon (Quartermaster). Ernie Stockton (Sgt at Arms) was absent.
Minutes: Tim Wilson motioned to approve the November meeting minutes as written and distributed. The motion seconded, there were no objections.
New Members: Scott McClean, Past HDE Pres
President’s Report: None
VP’s Report: None
Treasurers Report: The bills are paid and there is money in the bank. Come to a meeting for more details.
Safety Report: Rodger volunteered to be the Safety Officer.
State Report: No meeting in Dec. Most officers plan to retire in a couple months. Need to begin thinking of State Officer Nominations.
Central Oregon Veterans Council Report: Steve Wilkes gave a detailed report of their activities. Refer to his e-mail updates for details. COVO: Guthrie motioned that we donate $200 to the Central Oregon Veterans Outreach. The motion was seconded and passed.


Holiday Gift Cards: Thanksgiving cards are being distributed and Christmas Cards will follow.

Fox Hollow Retirement Home: Rodger has made arrangements to replace their POW/MIA flag after the meeting today.

POW / MIA Run / Big River Campout: Ray made reservation at the Big River Group Camp, sites B and C for 4-7 July at $116 each site. We need to go look at the facility and decide if it is big enough for our RV’s.

Northside Flags: Kelly D has authorized us to post USA, POW-MIA, OVMA, and a combined Branch flag at the Northside. Tim motioned we spend up to $100 to purchase flags we don’t have. The motion was seconded and approved. Robie will round up the flags.



PA System: The chapter owns a portable PA but the microphone is lost. Ray offered to try to find a replacement. Kickstand offered to find a new device. Guthrie motioned to spend up to $100 on whatever it is. The motion was seconded and passed.



9-11 Rally Committee: Ray has made a list of 17 names of members and supporters who were instrumental to the success of the 9/11 Rally. We have 14 Oregon Fire Honor Guard coins to distribute at the Christmas Party tonight. Tim motioned that we buy the additional 3 coins at $20 each. The motion was seconded and approved.

50/50 raffle: Guthrie won $35 and donated it back
Breakfast: $68 was raised for breakfast
Meeting Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 9:36
Minutes submitted by: Ray Rose, HDE Secretary

Event Calendar:
Redmond Bike Show- April 21
Mothers Day Run – May 12
Memorial Weekend Campout – May 25-27, Bowman Dam
Rodehouse poker run – June 2nd
Mitchell Campout (Tiger Town, Rusty Nuts will play) – June 15
Lighthouse Run – June 16
Big River Group Camp (POW-MIA?) July 4-7
Tuff Butt Classic – August 10-12
9-11 Memorial Rally – September 13-15 ???
Teddy Bear Run: September 15th
Winter Campout – November 1-4 – Bowman Dam
Christmas Party – December ?? – Redmond VFW